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Civil, Criminal and Commercial Proceedings

We provide advice and legal representation in court and out-of-court actions before any kind of civil, criminal and commercial courts and all their instances, as well as arbitration proceedings, both to companies and individuals.


  • Corporate conflicts;
  • Challenging of shareholders’ agreement;
  • Conflicts on the interpretation, validity and execution of commercial agreements;
  • Director’ and liquidators’ liability;
  • Industrial property (patents, trademarks, domain names, etc.);
  • Unfair competition;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Banking;
  • E-commerce;
  • Misleading advertising, etc.


  • General civil liability;
  • Damages;
  • Conflicts in civil contracts;
  • Medical negligence;
  • Professional negligence and road accidents;
  • Claims for payment;
  • Urban and rustic leases;
  • Real estate and registries;
  • Enforcement of court rulings (awards and judgments) and non-judicial instruments (mortgages, bank guarantees, bills of exchange, promissory notes, etc.);
  • Foundations and associations;
  • Consumers and users;
  • Condominium;
  • Family and succession, etc.


We provide advice and legal representation, as plaintiff or defendant, in criminal proceedings before any Court or Tribunal; we also offer consultancy on the new requirements of the preventive Criminal Law and Corporate Compliance.

Our counselling is addressed both to legal and natural persons in any kind of offences, particularly the following ones:

  • Crimes against property: swindle; concealment of assets; embezzlement; punishable insolvencies; robbery; theft; damages; fraud; misrepresentations, etc.;
  • Corporate crimes: fraudulent management; account misrepresentations; majority and minority conflicts; etc.;
  • Crimes against the Tax Authorities, the Social Security, the workers’ rights and against the public health and road safety;
  • Crimes against intellectual and industrial property;
  • Crimes affecting the market and consumers. Business corruption;
  • Ecological and development crimes;
  • Crimes relating to money laundering and receipt of stolen goods;
  • Crimes against the Public Administration and the Administration of Justice: prevarication; bribery; misappropriation; influence peddling, procedural fraud; false testimonies, etc.;
  • Crimes against privacy, right to self-image and breach of domicile; discovery and revealing of secrets; breaking and entering, legal entities domiciles and establishments, etc.;
  • Crimes against honour: defamation;
  • Crimes against physical and mental integrity of people and their freedom: injuries, illegal detentions; threats; constraints; assaults; homicides, etc.;
  • Crimes against family relationships and family rights and duties: abandonment of the family; child abduction; duties of custody infringement, etc.;
  • Request for pardon; suspended enforcement of penalties; criminal background cancellation, etc.

Additionally, as a consequence of the new regulation on criminal liability of legal persons, we are also specialised in the Corporate Defence area, offering preventive counselling to exclude and/or mitigate criminal liability of companies. Such advice consists of the establishment of effective preventive and crime detection measures by means of the so-called Criminal Risk Prevention Protocols (Corporate Compliance).