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Information and Communication Technologies

In this legal area, PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS provides advice on the preparation and negotiation of licence contracts and contracts for the development, distribution and use of software, both proprietary and free software, contents agreements, outsourcing contracts, housing and hosting agreements, technology transfer, and e-commerce in all the necessary areas to provide maximum coverage and legal protection, such as drawing up the legal framework for Internet payment systems, analysing and protecting ISPs and other providers’ liability, and providing the legal framework for advertising and marketing online.

Within the scope of data protection and e-commerce, our service is based on uninterrupted advice on the measures to be implemented in the company in order to comply with the data protection law and e-commerce regulations, as well as legal defence in these areas, including actions before the Data Protection Agency. In this regard, PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS carries out audits in order to adapt the company to these regulations, to which end we regularise the personal data kept in the companies files, the registration of files with the Data Protection Agency, and drawing up the so-called “security document”, helping the client to implement the measures contained in it.

In the field of industrial and intellectual property, our advice focuses on trademark protection (national, European and international trademarks) and/or trade names, with which the client wants to identify his company, as well as the processing of their registration, and the protection and register of copyright on the creations or works subjected to the intellectual property law, and also domain names.

PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS also provides advice, writing and negotiation of agreements of sale and granting of rights of use of trademarks, contracts for the exploitation of intellectual property rights in their different modalities, and advertisement agreements.

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