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Real Estate

PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS provides assistance for the most important real estate transactions, especially as regards the writing, advice and negotiation of earnest money agreements, promises of purchase and sale, purchase options and purchase and sale of rural and urban property, and we also advise on real estate financing, mortgage loans and other guarantees.

We negotiate all kind of lease agreements, for all kind of real estate and premises (commercial establishments in buildings with mixed uses, commercial premises in malls, factories, warehouses, offices, etc.), as well as hotel management agreements, or real estate management agreements.

We prepare the declaration of new buildings, grouping and segregation of properties, and division of condominiums, with the relevant drawing up of rules and bylaws of communities of owners.

PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS takes care of the writing and advice, and also the negotiation of contracts of building and performance of works, development and construction agreements, turnkey contracts, hotel operation agreements, and home rental agreements and contracts of lease of business premises and rural properties.

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