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Accounting Advice


Our personnel is qualified to assist the finance and accounting departments of companies, both in relation to the review and correction of accounts, and to the accounting and administrative procedures of our clients. The accounting department of PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS also provides bookkeeping services directly.

Accounting management

Our experience allows us to offer the best service of accounting management and advice based on:

  • Planning and implementing the accounting activity.
  • Developing and keeping company accounts.
  • Accounting review and accounting technical advice.
  • Legalisation of the mandatory accounting books (Daily, Inventory-Balances and General ledgers).
  • Analysis of amortization and depreciation, provisions, adjustments for prepaid expenses and accrued income, etc.
  • Opening and closure of the fiscal year.

Taxes and tax returns

A constant follow-up of our clients allows us to analyse their current tax situation and to plan future taxation, controlling the different tax obligations, among which:

  • Value Added Tax.
  • Intracommunity Operations Recapitulative Tax Return.
  • Annual Statement of Operations with Third Parties.
  • Tax on the Income of Natural Persons: withholdings and advance payments on employment income, economic activities, rents from leased property or securities.
  • Annual Tax on the Income of Natural Persons.
  • Tax on the Income of Natural Persons for non-residents.
  • Companies Tax Annual Return.
  • Advance payments of the Companies Tax.

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