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Thank you for visiting, property of PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P., with address at Avenida Diagonal 453 bis, entlo., 08036 Barcelona, and registered in the Companies Register of Barcelona in volume 45123, folio 84, sheet B-477551, entry 1. (The “Website“).

B) Company contact details:

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C) Website contents and regulation:

Navigating the website gives access to all available contents and services. For this reason, any person entering the Website (a “User”) accepts to be governed by the General Terms in force at the time of his/her access to the Website.

All the contents and services made available to the User by PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P. at the Website may also be governed by special conditions, which, in case of conflict, shall prevail over the General Conditions (the “Special Conditions”).

The User also submits, each time he/she uses a content or service, to its corresponding applicable Special Conditions, if any. Therefore, the User must carefully read these General Terms every time he/she intends to use the Website and, if applicable, the corresponding Special Conditions every time he/she intends to use special contents or services of the Website.

In any case, PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P. reserves the right to modify, at any moment and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the Website, as well as its General Terms and any Special Conditions.

IMPORTANT: The contents of the Website do not constitute, under any circumstance, a legal advice service.

D) Intellectual property:

The Website contents made available by PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P. to the User include information from both internal and external sources.

PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P. tries to offer reasonably updated contents of the highest quality at the Website, but does not guarantee their usefulness, accuracy, completeness, relevance or current validity.

The intellectual property rights on the works contained in exclusively belong to PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P., unless a different ownership is mentioned in them. Unauthorised reproduction distribution, commercialisation or transformation of these works is an infringement of the intellectual property rights of PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P. or the corresponding right holder, and may give rise to the exercise of any court and out-of-court actions and remedies to which they may be entitled.

Furthermore, the information accessible to the User through this Website may be protected by industrial or intellectual property rights or other rights. PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P. shall in no event and under no circumstances be liable for the infringements of such rights committed by a User.

Therefore, no assignment is made of any intellectual or industrial property rights on the Website, nor of any integral parts thereof. The User is expressly forbidden to reproduce, transform, distribute, disclose, deliver, extract, reuse, forward or use in any manner and by any means or procedure any of them, unless it is allowed by the law or authorised by the corresponding right holder.

E) Links and references.
a) Inbound Links.

The User and, in general, any natural or legal person intending to set up a link from their website or from any social network to the Website (an “Inbound Link”) must obtain a prior written authorisation from PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P.

The Inbound Link shall under no circumstances imply the existence of relations between PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P. and the owner of the social network, website or media containing the Inbound Link, nor any acceptance or approval by PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P.

For these reasons, PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P. reserves the right to forbid or invalidate at any moment any unauthorised Inbound Link of which it becomes aware, especially in the event of illegal activity or contents in the website holding the Link.

b) Outbound Links.

The Website provides links that allow the User to access Internet websites or portals belonging to, or managed by, third parties (“Outbound Links”).

PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P. does not offer or market, neither by itself or through third parties, the information, contents and services available through the Outbound Links, and does not approve, supervise or control in any manner the contents, services and materials of any kind available through the said links. The User exclusively assumes any liability arising from his/her navigation through them.

F) Website usage:

The Website is not a source of advice or a means to inform our clients about their specific cases, as it only shows the need to study each case in greater depth to be able to provide relevant advice to our clients.

 The User acknowledges that law is not an exact science and its application to specific cases cannot be automatic, but shall vary according to very different circumstances, so the information published in the Website is not enough to make any kind of decision. Therefore, the information included cannot be considered legal advice and PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P. discourages the User from making any decision on the basis of information obtained from the Website without proper professional advice by any of the members of PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P.

 The User is aware and willingly and expressly accepts that use of the Website is made in any case under his/her exclusive responsibility.

When using the Website, the User undertakes to refrain from any conduct that may damage the image, interests and rights of PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P. or third parties or that may damage or overload the Website or render it useless..

G) Personal data protection:

Browsing the Website does not automatically record any personal data that may identify the User.

 However, for the use of certain contents or services of the Website, PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P. keeps a personal data file that records users’ personal data for the sole purpose of correctly providing the said services. In this regard, users, by entering their personal data in the appropriate fields while signing in for the PLANA Newsletter, Work with Us or Contact Us, expressly and unambiguously consent to such data being incorporated in the said personal data file.

The personal data included in the said personal data file shall be used for the purpose, in the manner and with the limitations provided for in Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection and implementing regulations. In this regard, once the purchase is completed, the data shall be returned to the data controller.

You are also hereby informed that, as a data subject, you may exercise the rights of access, correction, deletion or blocking of your data and revoke your consent as provided for by the said Law 15/1999, according to the established procedure. These rights may be exercised by sending an email to or a letter to the following address for notifications: Avenida Diagonal 453 bis, Entlo., 08036 – Barcelona.

PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P. may install cookies in your computer in order to obtain statistical data from its Website visitors, which shall under no circumstance be personal data. Your browser will on occasion show a message allowing Website visitors to refuse the installation of the said data recovery devices. In the event that cookies are not allowed to be installed, browsing through, the Website, shall remain unaffected.

H) Cookies

The Website uses a technology called “cookies” in order to collect information on its usage. In this regard, we hereby inform you that we may use cookies in order to facilitate your navigation through the Website, make the difference between you and other users, provide you with a better experience and identify problems to improve our Website. If you give us your consent, we will also use cookies allowing us to obtain more information on your preferences to customize our Website to your specific interests.

(i) What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file downloaded on your device (PC or mobile device) in order to store data that may be updated and recovered by the entity responsible for its installation.

The information collected through cookies may include the date and time of visits to the Website, visited pages, time stayed in our Website and the sites where visitors have been just before and after their visit.

(ii) Type of cookies used in the Website

Our Website uses the following types of cookies:

Our own cookies: These cookies are sent to your computer and exclusively managed by us in order to improve the operation of the Website. The information gathered is used to improve the quality of our service and your user experience. These cookies remain in your browser and allow us to recognise you as a recurring visitor of the Website and to adapt the contents to suit your preferences.

Third-party analytical cookies: Our Website also uses the audience measurement system Google Analytics, a web analysis tool made by Google that allow us to know how users interact with our Website. It also enables cookies at the domain of the site where the user is and uses a set of cookies named “__utma” and “__utmz” to gather anonymous information and prepare reports on trends in the Website without identifying individual users. More information on Google Analytics cookies and on privacy.

In combination with our server log files, they allow us to know the total number of users visiting our Website and the parts of it that are most popular. Thanks to this, we obtain information that can help us improve navigation and provide a better service to our users and clients.

If you interact with the content of our Website, third-party cookies may also be installed (for instance, when pressing buttons from social networks or watching videos hosted on another website). Third-party cookies are those established by a domain other than our Website. We cannot access the data stored in cookies from other websites when you navigate through them.

(iii) Consent to cookies.

By browsing and remaining in our website, you are giving us your consent to use the cookies mentioned above for the periods and in the terms provided for in this Cookies Policy.

(iv) How can I disable and block cookies?

Please note that, given that cookies are not necessary to use our Website, you may block them or disable them by activating your browser’s configuration allowing to reject the installation of all cookies or part of them. Most browsers can warn you of the presence of cookies or automatically reject them, as a result of which the use of certain parts of the website may be limited.

(v) Withdraw my consent to cookies.

If you wish to withdraw your consent to this Cookies Policy at any moment, you must delete the cookies stored in your computer or mobile device using the settings and configuration of your Internet browser.

Unless you have adjusted your browser configuration, our system will create cookies as soon as you visit our Website. Note that all Internet browsers allow to change this configuration.

(vi) Changes to the Cookies Policy.

We may update the Cookies Policy of our Website, so we suggest that you review this policy each time you enter it. Thus you will be properly informed about how we use cookies and for what purpose. The Cookies Policy was last updated on 5 May 2016.

(vii) Contact details for cookie-related issues.

If you wish you obtain more information on the Cookies we use at our Website, you may send an email to this address:

I) Disclaimer

PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P. does not accept any liability for non-updated information relating to the details of the establishments shown in the website, especially as regards the vacancies available in them and the price of the services they offer.

PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P. shall not be liable for the contents of other websites accessible through, as it does not have the ability or authority to review the legality of such contents.

Furthermore, PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P. does not accept any liability for the transmission of any software that may be considered a virus or harm your computer as a consequence of your access to this Website.

PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P. adopts reasonably adequate security measures to detect the existence of viruses. However, the User must be aware that the security measures of computer systems in the Internet are not reliable and, therefore, PLANA ABOGADOS & ECONOMISTAS, S.L.P. cannot guarantee that there are no viruses or other elements that may cause alterations in the computer systems (software and hardware) of the User or in the digital documents and files contained in them.

J) Applicable law and jurisdiction

This contract shall be governed by Spanish law. The parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona and waive any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them according to their address.